Jewelry Care


Don't forget to remove your jewels to avoid damaging them when :

  • Using chemicals or cleaning fluids
  • Applying hairspray, perfumes and/or lotions
  • Bathing, showering or going swim. Soap and chlorinated water can cause discoloration
  • When performing sports. Solid equipment and heavy impacts are likely to cause damage to your jewelry


Done the right way, cleaning your jewelry from time to time can significantly improve your its life expectancy. However, when you decide to do so, make sure you:

  • Use dedicated jewelry cleaning products and a jewelry polishing cloth. Regular soap can add a film around the jewel, making it look dull, and anything other than a special jewelry polishing cloth may cause scratches
  • Clean your jewelry with warm water rather than hot water


The right place can also make a big difference on the life expectancy of your jewelry. It is recommended that you store your jewelry :

  • In a safe and dry place
  • Away from direct (sun) light
  • In airtight plastic bags as exposure to air tarnishes silver and gold

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